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    Delivery Frequency

      Mind Game of the Month is a subscription box for dogs meant to exhaust their energy and challenge their mind while using enrichment puzzles! Our box is intended for busy pawrents who can't entertain their pups all day and need an easy way to expend their energy. Every month your pup will SNIFF & CHEW their way through the products in our box. Each product serves as a mental workout to tire out your pup!

        *best suited for light to moderate chewers*

        SNIFF - CHEW - RELAX

        SNIFF - Our Mind Games are chosen to help engage your pup's sense of smell. Studies have shown that 10 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to a 1 hour walk, so your pup is getting exercise while tapping into their natural instinct to smell.

        CHEW - A 10 -15 minute chewing session can help your pup expend energy. Our chews will give your pup an approved item to chew (and save your favorite shoes from being the latest chew toy), and they have the added benefit of being super tasty! 

        RELAX - Once your pup is properly tired out, you'll both be able to relax and recharge.

        Boxes ship on the 5th of each month. The card on file will be billed on the 1st of each month prior to shipment. Cancellations must be requested by the 1st of each month.

        Are you ready to have some fun while tiring out your furry bestie? 

        Note: Images are of past month's boxes to serve as an example only.