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The Solo Cup Game

by Pawfect Pawties on March 09, 2023

Brain games are so important for dogs. They help stimulate their minds, combat bad behaviors, satisfy natural instincts and so much more! 

Here's a simple brain game that you can do at home. I like to call it the Solo Cup Game.

Here's how it works:

  • Grab 3-4 plastic or Solo cups and a few of your pup's favorite treats
  • Place the cups in a line on the floor or ground
  • Take one of the treats and let your pup watch as you place the treat under one of the plastic cups
  • Shuffle the cups around, much like you would do if you were playing 'The Shell Game'
  • Allow your dog to have access to the cups so that they can sniff around and find the cup with the treat underneath it
  • Once your pup finds the right cup, they'll be rewarded with a yummy treat

You can do this a few times and even increase difficulty by adding more cups into the mix!

This activity tests both your pup's problem solving skills as well as their smelling/scent skills.

Did you try this with your pup? Let us know how they did!

If you'd like a fun way to test your pup's skills and help them burn off a little energy each month, check out our Mind Game of the Month Club.