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Spring Activities to do with Your Dog

by Pawfect Pawties on March 17, 2023

Spring arrives on Monday, and with it warmer temperatures and the chance to get outside a little bit more and have some fun with your pup.

Here are five great activities for you and your pup to do this Spring, no matter where you live:

  1. Visit your favorite dog park - Dog parks are a great way for pups to expend some energy and have playtime with other dogs. Make sure that your pup is up to date on their vaccinations before you head out to mingle with other doggos to keep everyone safe & happy.
  2. Have lunch at a dog-friendly restaurant - This is a great way to spend some special time with your dog and also a great way for you to test out some of the skills that you've been teaching them. Allow them to practice staying, sitting and laying down while you enjoy a tasty lunch. Don't forget to give them a little treat, too!
  3. Grab a pup cup - Run through your favorite coffee shop drive-through and grab a pup cup for your dog. They'll love the car ride and the fact that they get a yummy treat!
  4. Go for a longer walk or hike - Whether it's on the beach, your favorite park or just a walk through your neighborhood, get out and stretch those legs. It's great exercise for your pup, and also a great time to help them improve on their skills. You can work on their restraint skills during the walk and teach them not to bark at other pups while you're on your stroll.
  5. Take a little road trip - If your dog loves a car ride, hit the open road and go on a little road trip. Be sure to stop frequently for potty breaks and snacks. If your pup isn't a huge fan of the car, this could be a good time to slowly try to get them to be more comfortable when riding in your vehicle. Start with short trips and increase the time when they feel more comfortable.

Spring is a great time to teach your pup a new skill, get some exercise or just spend some quality time together. Do you have a favorite activity to do with your pup during this season? Let us know!