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How to Throw an Amazing Birthday Party for your Pup

by Pawfect Pawties on September 16, 2022

Throwing a party for your best pup can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. 

The first place to start is with a theme. It can be anything - special colors, movie or cartoon characters, even food. 

Next, choose your venue - your own living room or backyard will do just fine. If

Dog sitting in front of birthday cake

your pup goes to doggie daycare, why not throw a party with all their friends (many boarding and daycare facilities will be happy to do this for you and your pup, but it may be for a small fee)!

If you’re hosting a get-together and are planning on inviting other pups and their pawrents, get a guest list together and send out invites. You can design a cute digital invite and send it out via email or purchase some actual paper invites and distribute them to your guests. Or, you can keep it simple and just invite the humans and pups (and kitties, too) in your own household. 

Next up - decorations! Or, you can make decor shopping stress-free by purchasing our Birthday Box, which has everything you need to throw an adorable, Instagram-worthy party for the birthday boy or girl - including banners, garland, a party collar, custom birthday celebration number, an oh-so-cute birthday party hat and so much more!

After you have the decor all lined up, you’ll want to secure the all-important cake! If you have a dog bakery nearby, you may be able to special order treats, cupcakes and/or a cake that matches your theme. You can also go the homemade route and make the cake yourself. Making a cake for your pup is simple, and there are tons of online recipes - some that require only 3 ingredients!  (Need a pan for your cake? Not to worry - our Birthday Box comes with a silicone cake pan that is the perfect size for doggos!) Grab some cupcakes from your favorite bakery or local grocery store so that the humans in attendance have something yummy to eat, too!

Dog earing birthday hat sitting in front of toy cake

Last but not least - presents! You know what your pup likes. Grab a new toy, bone or stuffie to gift your bestie, and get ready to have a great time celebrating another year around the sun! 

On the day of the party (especially if it’s at your home), try not to stress. Stay relaxed and keep everything easy-breezy. Your pup (and the other pups in attendance) will feed off of your energy. Let them indulge in their barkday cake and then take them to the park to round off the day celebrating all the things our pups love. 

Don’t forget to take lots of pics of your pup wearing their special birthday hat and celebrating with their friends (both human and furry)!