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Chewing Problems? Try These Tips!

by Pawfect Pawties on October 12, 2022

Many dog parents have the same problem: their furry friends keep chewing up their furniture, shoes, carpet, and anything else that’s left laying around. It can be a hard habit to break, but it definitely can be done. 

Give these tips a try to help curb your pup’s chewing habit!


Dalmatian chewing on toy

A little distraction goes a long way! Toys are the best way to distract your doggo and keep their minds on something else. Head to your favorite store and grab a few dog toys - frisbees, balls, squeaky toys - anything that your pup loves! Be sure to play with your dog, and don’t just sit the toys down near them. Give them lots of pets, toss the toys and play tug-of-war. That will help them not only take their minds off of chewing up things that they shouldn’t, but it will also help them expend some energy!


Turn on the TV

Ok, this may seem a little strange, but my personal experience proves that it can work. My pup loves to ‘watch’ tv, and I swear he knows what he’s watching! Animal Planet is a huge favorite in our home. 

I think that the reason it works is that it helps your pup to feel like they have companions of friends. They can watch the dogs or other animals on the television and feel like they are included in whatever is happening on screen for a bit. 

Teach them a new trick

If your pup doesn’t yet know basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, now’s a good time to teach them. Already an expert on basc commands? Teach them more advanced commands like how to shake, give high-fives or roll over. They will be focused on learning and forget all about that slipper of yours they wanted to chew up!

Get some mind games

Mind games are a great way to keep your dog busy, while allowing them to reap some incredible benefits! Slow feeders, puzzles, and flip-cup type games are all great ways to keep your pup engaged. 

Plus, most mind games involve kibble or a small treat, so your pup will be extra motivated to complete any game you give them!

You can buy mind games at your local pet store, or right here at Pawfect Pawties! Our Mind Game of the Month Club will be reopening for new members soon. When you join the club, you’ll get a new mind game for your pup every month to help keep their brain and body active!


You can also design your own mind games at home. One of my favorites is to create a scavenger hunt for my furry bestie. It’s easy and so fun! 

Here’s how - Take some pieces of kibble and hide them in safe places around your home (you can also hide them outside). Then, let your pup roam around the house sniffing around for the treats! They’ll get rewarded with a tasty morsel each time they are successful, which will encourage them to keep looking around for more!

Have a tip of your own that helped your pup stop his bad chewing habit? Drop it in the comments and let us know!