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What does that paw mean?

by Pawfect Pawties on February 04, 2023

Have you ever wondered why your pup appears to want to shake your hand, high-five you, or just put their paw in your face or on your lap when you're just relaxing on the couch or doing absolutely nothing?

The most likely reason is a simple one - they want attention. 

Since our furry friends can't speak (no matter how much we wish they could), they need to find other ways to communicate their needs with us. Barking is, of course, one way, but putting their paw on you is another.

 Affection - When you're petting your pup and then stop suddenly, you may get their little (or big) paw on your hand. That's their way of saying, "Hey, hooman! More pets please!". 

Distress - A pup pawing at you could also mean that they are in distress. They may just need to go outside. Or, they may be in pain or having an emergency. When this happens, take a second to give your pup a quick assessment. Are they whining? Are they walking in a strange way? Are they purposely not putting weight on one of their paws? If any of those are occurring, it may be a good idea to give your vet a call for further instructions.

Playtime - Just sitting in your favorite chair doing nothing and get your pup's paw in your lap multiple times? They probably just want you to pay attention to them and have a little playtime. This is a great time to grab their favorite toy and give it to them, have a little game of fetch, play tug-of-war or give them something to keep them busy.

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