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Keep Your Pup Busy & Happy This Winter!

by Pawfect Pawties on January 19, 2023

Even for us humans, winters can seem long and we struggle to find fun things to do. It's cold, snowy (depending on where you live) and, especially after the holiday season, boredom kicks in.

It's the same way for our furry friends. They need to keep their minds and bodies busy, no matter the season.

Check out these fun ways to keep your pup happy this winter:

1. Go on short walks - Even in cold weather months, dogs need exercise. If it's very cold or snowy where  you live, be sure to dress your pup (and yourself)  appropriately. Grab a coat or sweater for your pup as  well as some shoes or boots, especially if it's snowy or  icy. Dogs can get frostbite, too, so protecting their feet  is important during the winter months. 



2. Have a doggie play date - Invite another dog (or two) over to your house to spend time with your pup. Let them run around, play, and get tired out while you enjoy some time socializing with their pawrents. (Hey, humans need a little fun, too!)

3. Engage in lots of playtime - Take advantage of all of those toys laying around your house. Play fetch, tug-of-war, or get your pup a new toy to challenge them and pique their curiosity.


Need some new ideas to keep your pup busy? Our Mind Game of the Month Club is a great way to surprise your pup with a new toy each month that will challenge them, keep them busy, and stimulate their minds & bodies. Plus, it's fun and comes with yummy treats for them to enjoy!